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Workshops for Faculty Search Committees and Promotion&Tenure Committees

The strategies for educating faculty committees about the research basis of unconscious bias and how it can affect the decisions made in the search for new faculty and in Promotion & Tenure Committees are described here.

These are a few examples of the presentations prepared by Cynthia J. Jameson for workshops conducted for faculty search committees and promotion and tenure committees.

For Faculty Search Committees in STEM
What Research Shows Two Case Studies SUCCEED (2012)
Math (2010) Physics (2011) BioEngineering (2011)
For Faculty Search Committees in non-STEM
Anthropology (2009) Economics (2009)
for Department Head Search Committee
Head BioE
Diversity Workshops, College of LAS
Recruiting Minority Women Diversity Workshop for LAS Heads LAS Diversity Workshop
Diversity Workshop, College of Engineering
Diversity Workshop for COE Faculty
for Promotion & Tenure Committees
P&T Committee, College of LAS P&T Committee, College of Engg Campus-wide P&T Committee